Ask “what else” questions to raise all of the issues and show

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buy canada goose jacket Gather as much data as you can. Ask for information and be sure to involve the impacted individual(s) in discussions. Ask “what else” questions to raise all of the issues and show a willingness to listen. The cafe provides a safe space for people to talk. It runs Interfaith projects to tackle mental health stigma.He says: ‘Our mental health event in February had 120 people who came together from different backgrounds to learn more.’Our panel was chaired by Rabbi Daniel Epstein and brought together the views of young people, health professionals, and faith community representatives.’People were there to find ways of supporting good mental health within their communities.’I also spoke to people from Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu backgrounds. They all had varying experiences with mental health stigma.’Growing up in Caribbean culture, there was no such thing as depression.’The stigma was real canada goose uk reviews buy canada goose jacket.