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Members later engaged in a series of arguments that showed very different means by which all three parties hope to ease the crisis.LiberalsHealth Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor spoke first, noting over 8,000 apparent opioid related deaths between January 2016 and March 2018.That included 3,005 deaths in 2016, 3,996 in 2017 and 1,036 deaths in the first three months of this year.She talked about how the Liberal government supports harm reduction we know that harm reduction saves lives. The Liberals, the federal government has approved over 25 supervised consumption sites, facilities where people can ingest drugs with medical staff nearby.The government has also worked to raise awareness of the stigma surrounding drug addiction and increased access to naloxone, a medicine that can slow the effects of an overdose.WATCH: No federal supports, funding planned for children caught up in opioid crisisConservative MP Marilyn Gladu challenged the Liberals on their spending, noting that they decided to spend $4.5 billion on the Trans Mountain pipeline but have only set aside just over $200 million for the opioid crisis.Budget 2018 set aside $231.4 million to tackle celine replica the crisis, with $150 million going to the provinces and territories so that they could improve access to evidence based treatment services.That also included $13.5 million to expand Health Canada Substance Use and Addictions Program, which doles out money to provinces, territories and other organizations to strengthen responses to substance use issues.Facing down questions from members, Petitpas Taylor talked about how the federal government is negotiating with provinces and territories to provide them with more funding to tackle the crisis.NDP MP Don Davies noted that the minister called the opioid issue a crisis, but not a public health emergency under the Emergencies Act.He argued that an emergency declaration would provide additional resources to address the crisis.She disagreed, saying the government has been creative in its approach, that it is trying to meet clients where they are.And that, she said, means treatment facilities and safe injection sites.certainly think we have to recognize there not a size fits all to deal with this crisis on the ground, she said.ConservativesNuttall was next, saying he doesn believe the opioid crisis is a partisan issue.He said that the Ontario city of Barrie, part of which is in his riding, saw 36 apparent opioid related deaths in 2017, and said that the strategy that the feds are employing is not working.Nuttall also noted a 40 per cent increase in opioid deaths between 2016 and 2017.hope the government will change its path and put funding where it needs to go, Nuttall said.want to make sure we leave no more Canadians behind. Away, John Oliver, parliamentary secretary to the minister, seized on Nuttall remarks and talked about the attitude of the federal government under prime minister Stephen Harper to InSite, a supervised consumption facility (also known as a safe injection site) in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES) neighbourhood.InSite was granted a six month extension to continue operating in 2007, but there were concerns at the time that it would be shut down..

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