Cooks thrived against off man coverage

25 de novembro

1 overallWhen the San Francisco 49ers find steals in the NFL draft, they may as well be stealing gold jackets from the Hall of Fame. With five Super Bowl championships, the Niners owe most of their rings to players that, in hindsight, should have been top ten picks rather than mid round gems.The Niners were dominant in the 1980s thanks to successful first round picks like Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice, but they owe just as much of their success to their later picks on both sides of the ball. Even after their prime title years, San Francisco mined the draft for players who would become some of the most productive in league history.Here are the top five NFL draft steals in San Francisco 49ers history.QB Joe Montana 82nd overall 1979Richard Mackson USA TODAY SportsBefore Tom Brady, Montana was the greatest quarterback of all time that every team missed on at least once.

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