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Unless you actively go to these RT campaigns aiming for anything but the top RT prize. Its absurd to say that the prizes for the RT are shit but say the SQ don’t count. When the whole point of the campaign is getting the quartz. You be Brutus too”The rest of the campaign Brutus Too healed and fought by my side. There was some backlash since Brutus didn’t exactly fill out any paperwork and Brutus Too was admittedly pretty horrified of course, even having the rest of the party trying to talk Brutus out of it since up to then Brutus was a bit of a reckless.And as we all know, the point of DnD is to experience realism.Don get me wrong, I sure there are plenty of groups who love to have that kind of random chance available in their outcomes, but almost all of the groups I played with have preferred feeling like badasses in control, especially during their turn of combat (at least. Once they hit level 3 or so.

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