Her net worth and how much she’s madeOn top of appearing in 12

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canada goose coats on sale He said: ‘If you’d have left it any longer, you could have died.'”When she finally managed to get hold of Gaz it emerged he’d slept with numerous ladies on EOTB including Jemma Lucy on the first night canada goose jacket outlet store despite the fact they’d been in the process of getting back together.There was further devastation in store when Gaz went on to have a baby with Emma McVey the following year.She went on to date Stephen Bear, with the pair fronting MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us before they split and he was replaced with her Geordie Shore buddy Scotty T.That romance came to a messy end over Twitter at the end of 2017 and she’s now with EOTB and Love Island star Josh Ritchie. Her net worth and how much she’s madeOn top of appearing in 12 series of Geordie Shore, she won Celebrity Big canada goose outlet boston Brother in 2013 and has also starred in Ex on the Beach, Celebs Go Dating, Just Tattoo of Us, Single AF and The Charlotte Show.Charlotte Crosby reveals how she REALLY feels about being compared to Michael Jackson after plastic surgeryThe booze and kebabs took their toll on the party gal, who tipped the scales at 11st 7lbs in 2014.Things came to a head after a huge bust up with her mum Letitia over her weight.”Me and me mam had a big argument when I was doing an appearance in Ireland. I went out cheap canada goose and came back to the hotel with three Big Macs and 20 chicken nuggets and hid in the bathroom to eat it,” she told This Morning in January 2018 canada goose coats on sale.