Massimo hunts both the white and black variety

28 de março

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Canada Goose online You may have heard of this beautiful city as it’s home to the world’s best restaurant Osteria Francescana. They get booked up months in advance, and sadly we weren’t organized, but Modena is full of fantastic restaurants and has an excellent local market.You can even have dinner in the farm’s own restaurant, where they use their traditional Modena balsamic vinegar DOP in tasty dishes like creamy risotto.We met with local truffle hunter Massimo and his dog Mela.Truffles are one of the most expensive and coveted foods in the world, and are notoriously difficult to find and impossible to farm.Massimo hunts both the white and black variety, but as it was June, there was little to no chance of finding white truffle. So it was the black ones we were canada goose outlet near me after. canada goose outlet paypal Canada Goose online

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