She told the News: “There’s a scramble to build more and build

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canadian goose jacket It’s not safe.”Mr Massey added he felt the area was becoming over developed, with a design that risked giving the area an unappealing “Costa del Cambridge” feel.He said: “It’s appalling, it doesn’t reflect that local architecture at all. We don’t think the quality of the buildings will make it last it’s going to look very tired in 10 years.”As well as new apartments, Brookgate’s proposals for the two blocks include ancillary retail, basement parking and a new 207 space multi storey car park for Network Rail.A Devonshire Road resident, who did not want to be named, said the apartments looked “frighteningly” like the Marque and questioned whether they would benefit the city’s key workers.She told the News: “There’s a scramble to build more and build high. It’s a golden opportunity to do something with exciting architecture and I don’t think it’s exciting.”It desperately needed redevelopment but this is cramming as much in as humanly possible and that’s different canadian goose jacket.