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Canada Goose Outlet Akinlotan, O. 2017. Sideritic ironstones as indicators of depositional environments in the Weald Basin (Early Cretaceous) SE England. By Oladapo Akinlotan. 7th December. 2017. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka Abstract: The Lower Cretaceous Wealden sideritic ironstones have a wide occurrence and great potential to aid the reconstruction of the depositional environments of the Weald Basin in SE England. However, mineralogical and geochemical datasets on the ironstones are scarce in the literature. Geochemical and mineralogical data on the sideritic ironstones are presented from the Wadhurst Clay Formation within the Weald Basin. The mineralogy of the ironstones was examined using a PANalytical X’Pert Pro X ray diffractometer and PANalytical’s HighScore Plus software. Elemental composition of the ironstones was measured buy canada goose jacket cheap using a PANalytical MiniPal2 ED XRF (benchtop X ray spectrometer). The examination of the mineralogy of the Wealden ironstones confirms the presence of early diagenetic siderites. The trace element assemblage shows that the sideritic ironstones are chemically pure pointing to a freshwater origin. The sideritic ironstones reveal anoxic conditions and palaeo salinity in the basin. More generally, it is suggested that the composition of the host rocks has significant controls on the composition of sideritic ironstones in sedimentary basins. This work reinforces the importance of the composition of sideritic ironstones as useful non traditional data for understanding the depositional settings of sedimentary basins, especially when traditional datasets are not readily available or insufficient. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online Quaternary Science Reviews, Elsevier, 12, 503 528. Abstract: The Solent River no longer exists since most of its course was drowned by eustatic sea level rise during the Flandrian Stage (Holocene). Previously, it flowed eastwards across southeast Dorset and south Hampshire as an extension of the River Frome. As such, it formed the axial major stream of the Hampshire Basin. to below sea level, provide evidence of the former courses of this substantial river and its tributaries. Detailed study of the deposits, supported by analysis of canada goose clast lithological assemblages provide the basis for the recognition of a series of lithostratigraphical units throughout the area. The facies and sedimentary structures indicate that the bulk of the deposits accumulated in a braided river environment under periglacial climates. Evolution of the river reflects its response to climatic change, local geological structure and long term tectonic activity. Although datable deposits limit determination of the age of the Solent River sequence, it is undoubtedly of considerable antiquity and potentially extends back to the Early Pleistocene. Discussion of the sequence includes placing the events within their regional context. [End of abstract. Notes: This is an important paper on the Pleistocene deposits of the southern Hampshire Basin. Many gravel terraces are recognised and named, but are not correlated in detail with the numbered terraces of the (Southampton and Bournemouth sheets). The paper includes discussion of the following gravel terraces in the Bournemouth Southampton area from lowest to highest: Pennington Gravel (Pennington near Lymington, and with Ipswichian Interglacial deposits); Lepe Lower Gravel (Lepe Beach, under the Interglacial deposit, pre Ipswichian); North End Copse / Holdenhurst Gravel; Pennington Gravel / Burton Rough Gravel/ Southbourne Gravel; ; Lepe Upper Gravel (Lepe Beach, Devensian); Milford on Sea Gravel / Bransgore Gravel /Knighton Lodge Gravel; Stanswood Bay Gravel / West Southbourne Gravel / Taddiford Farm Gravel / High Cliff Gravel / Ensbury Park Gravel; Tom’s Down Gravel (near Fawley); Old Milton Gravel; Mount Pleasant Gravel; Setley Plain Gravel (New Forest); Beaulieu Heath Gravel (New Forest); Tiptoe Gravel; Sway Gravel; Holmsley Ridge Gravel (western New Forest); field Hill Gravel. The Wareham Dorchester Pleistocene gravels are also discussed. The paper includes interesting data on gravel composition, mostly flint and chert and including the presence of Portland Rhaxella chert and oolitic chert and Upper sand chert.] Canada Goose online

canada goose coats Bale, B. 1984. Mineralogical and geochemical studies of the Upper Eocene sediments in the Hampshire Basin of southern England. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap 483 pages of text, plus a section of about another 50 to 100 pages of diagrams, photographs etc. Faculty of Science; Geology, University of Southampton. For Doctor of Philosophy. By Dr. Babatunde Bale, known informally at Southampton University as Tunde Bale. This big thesis was supervised by Trevor Clayton (now retired, Southampton University) and by the late Dr. Mike Cosgrove canada goose uk black friday formerly of Southampton University. (Ian West assisted on parts). This research received financial support from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria under its Staff Development Programme. Note, this is a very large and impressive thesis of particularly good quality. Not much of this, if any, seems to have been formally published. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose Abstract: Sediments of the marine Barton Clay Formation, Barton Sand Formation, and the non marine ‘Lower Headon Beds’ exposed along the coastal cliffs on mainland Hampshire and Isle of Wight have been investigated mineralogically and geochemically. Sandy clays and quartz sand predominate and are dominated by quartz, clays and microcline feldspar with small amounts of anatase, goethite, pyrite, albite, oligoclase, biogenic calcite, aragonite and organic carbon. The clay assemblage comprises degraded illite, smectite, kaolinite, illite smectite and traces of chlorite. Geochemically the sediments are silica uk canada goose outlet rich but poor in alkali and alkaline earths. Their trace element contents shows strong associations with clays and feldspars; whilst substantial concentrations of As, Ce, Cr, Cu, I, Mn, Pb, Zn occur Canada Goose Outlet with plant remains and/or carbonates. In general the sediments show no significant facies related compositional variation nor evidence for substantial diagenetic alteration. Support is provided for sediment derivation from Cretaceous sediments and infrabasinally exposed Tertiary sediments on adjoining land areas in England and horst structures in the English Channel. Continuous low scale tectonic movements and episodic eustatic sea level fluctuations caused alternating periods of slow, clayey deposition and relatively shorter periods of rapid sandy sandy sedimentation. Palaeosols related to red yellow podzols and hydromorphic swamps have been identified. These contain abundant authigenic kaolinite and goethite. Lepidocrocite, jarosite and gypsum occur in association with the hydromorphic palaeosols, although these are difficult to distinguish from Recent weathering products. Authigenesis of Canada Goose Online Fe and Ca rich phases was widespread. Freshwater limestones were formed, dominantly composed of micritic low Mg calcites. Glauconitic mica formed in the Barton Clay, predominantly within microfossil tests. Its time of formation appears to be substantially less than previously considered likely. Calcian siderite ironstones and ferroan calcite septarian concretions formed in early diagenesis at very shallow depths. The siderite shows between 1 Canada Goose Parka and 10 mol% Ca2+ substitution. The substitution is facies related, and greatest in marine and ‘brackish’ sediments. Ferroan calcite occurs in association with glauconie within marine sediments only. It is believed to form rather than siderite as a result of the early depletion of iron oxide during glauconitisation. The formation of these low Mg carbonate phases is unusual at shallow depths, and is believed to result from the high influx of iron oxide and dissolved CaCO3. The clay assemblage, the red yellow podzol palaeosols and the authigenic phases, together, suggest the prevalence of a warm, humid, probably sub tropical palaeoclimate with moderate intense canada goose clearance weathering and active erosion. [End of Abstract]. 1992. Hengistbury Head, Dorset. Vol. 2. Oxford. and Peckman, J. 2016. Microbially driven formations of Cenozoic siderite and calcite concretions from eastern Austria. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, Werne, 2016, vol. 109/2. By Lydia M. J. Baumann, Daniel Bergel, Michael Wagreich and Jorn Peckmann. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance Abstract: Carbonate concretions from two distinct settings have been studied for their petrography, carbon and oxygen stable isotope patterns, and lipid biomarker inventories. Siderite concretions are enclosed in a Paleocene Eocene deep marine succession with sandy to silty turbidites and marl layers from the Goseau Basin in northern Styria. Septarian calcite concretions of the southern Vienna Basin from the sandpit of Steinbrunn (Burgenland) are embedded in Upper Miocene brackish sediments, represented by calcareous sands, silts and clays. canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance sale Blondeau, canada goose uk shop A. and Pomerol, C. 1964. Contribution a l’etude canada goose uk outlet sedimentologique de l’Eocene du Kent et du Hampshire. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store Mem. Bur. Rech. Geol. Min., 28, 579 584. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket Blondeau, A. and Pomerol, C. 1968. Contribution to the sedimentological study of the Palaeogene of England. 1996. Poole Bay and Hengistbury Head. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale In: Allison, R. (ed) Landforms of East Dorset. Geologists’ Association Guide, Geologists’ Association, London. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose Bray, M. and Hooke, J. 1998a. Spatial perspectives in coastal defence and conservation strategies. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets Pp.115 132 in: Hooke, J. 1998. Coastal Defence and Earth Science Conservation. The Geological Society of London, Burlington House, London. 270 pp. ISBN 1 897799 96 9. [This paper puts forward broad theories and principles but also uses specific examples from Poole Bay, Bournemouth, Hengistbury Head, Christchurch Bay and Hurst Spit.] Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket Bray, M. and Hooke, J. 1998b. Geomorphology and management sites in Poole and Christchurch Bay. 1998. Coastal Defence and Earth Science Conservation. The Geological Society of London, Burlington House, London. 270 pp. 2000. River terrace systems in north west Europe: an archive of environmental change, uplift and early human occupation. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals Quaternary Science Reviews, 19, 1293 1303. Abstract: Staircases of large scale aggradational river terraces are a notable feature of many valleys in the temperate latitudes, particularly in areas beyond the reach of erosive activities of Pleistocene ice sheets. It is cheap Canada Goose now recognised that the cyclic fluctuations of climate during the Quaternary have driven the generation of terraces, throught the direct and indirect influence of both climate and precipitation on fluviatile activity. Where fossiliferous deposits are preserved within terrace sequences it is often possible to date these and to correlate them with the oceanic record, thus providing an important framework Canada Goose Jackets for the evidence of environmental change on land. Middle and Late Pleistocene terraces in different areas can commonly be seen to have formed in synchrony with glacial interglacial cycles or with longer periodicity megacycles. Climatic forcing alone is insufficient to cause terraces to form, however; uplift is also necessary, so that terrace sequences can provide a useful record of crustal movement. In northwest Europe, where some of the canada goose factory sale best known studies of river terrace sequences have been carried out, the fluviatile deposits are also an important repository for Palaeolithic artifacts, from which a record of early human occupation can be constructed. End of Abstract. [Notes relevant to the Solent area: p. A future fall in sea level would merely lead these rivers to Canada Goose Coats On Sale extend themselves into these drowned reaches once again, with no requirement for significant incision.” p. 1296 “In addition to the contrast between terrace systems formed in synchony with glacial interglacial climatic change and others with fewer terraces, perhaps driven by climatic megacycles, it seems that some sequences contain more terraces than there are full climatic cyles with which to canadian goose jacket correlate them. An example is the Solent terrace system in southern England (Fig. 5).” Fig 5 is a very useful diagram showing a staircase of 12 terraces above sea level, each named and their relationships in height to raised beach deposits. p. 1300. ” The extensive terrace staircase of the Solent River, for example, preserves biostratigraphic evidence only within its lowest terraces, but has yielded substantial collections of artefacts. The terrace formed by the Taddiford Farm Gravel (Allen and Gibbard, 1994) is the richest in artefacts.” p. 1300 ” Britain, which had become an island during high sea level phases uk canada goose by the late Middle Pleistocene (Preece, 1995), was apparently not occupied by humans during the last interglacial (Substage 5e).” p. 1300 “Terraces have only formed in areas that have experienced uplift during this period and the heights of terraces above valley floors may be seen as an approximate measure of crustal elevation since the deposits were laid down. The redistribution of eroded material from fluvial catchments to depositional basins or marginal catchment areas, Canada Goose Outlet a process in which rivers themselves may have been the main agents, may be responsible for the uplift by causing an isostatic response to crustal unloading.” canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale Pp. 2001. Palaeolithic Archaeology of the Solent River, Proceedings canada goose store of the Lithic Studies Society day meeting held at the Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton on Saturday 15th January, 2000. Lithic Studies Society Occasional Paper No. 7 (2001). Published by the Lithic Studies Society, c/o British Museum (Quaternary Section), Franks House, 38 46 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ. ISBN 0 9513246 3 2, ISSN 0950 9208. 111 pp., paperback. Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale Abstract: The Solent River, its valley Canada Goose sale now beneath the seaway between the Isle of Wight and the English mainland, was an important agent of drainage in the Hampshire Basin throughout the Pleistocene. During this time it left an extensive staircase of north bank terraces, now forming the hinterland to the south coast, with comparable terraces extending up the more important canada goose coats tributary rivers. Many of the terraces dating from the Middle Pleistocene contain Lower Palaeolithic artefacts, although these are absent from the older terraces, which pre date human occupation, and from the lowest terraces and valley floor gravels, which signifies the disappearance of humans from Britain prior to the last interglacial. Only the last two lnterglacials Canada Goose online are directly represented within the sedimentological sequences of the Solent and its tributaries, so it is necessary to turn to other evidence to assess the ages of the higher terraces. Palaeolithic archaeology, perhaps surprisingly, provides a number of age indications. The first appearance of artefacts is thought likely to be around 600,000 years ago; then twisted ovates are prevalent in assemblages from OIS 11, suggesting that the Old Milton Gravel incorporates material of that age; finally Levallois technique appears in the Taddiford Farm Gravel, which by analogy with the Thames is therefore thought to date from around the OIS 9/8 transition. The Solent has more Middle Pleistocene terraces than other UK rivers, perhaps because rejuvenation has taken place twice during each climatic cycle. The age indications from the archaeological data enable some attempt at modelling the formation of these terraces in response to both climate change and background uplift, although the results remain speculative canada goose black friday sale.