I don think it a coincidence that the industry suddenly cares

17 de março

moncler jackets toronto 164 points submitted 3 days agoIf history has taught me anything, it that white people are the absolute worst. It not even a competition. Like, I not going to unironically canvass for white genocide and perform seppuku to begin the purge to show my devotion, but I also not going to raise an eyebrow if someone on the internet says, “maybe let not forget all the shit white people have gotten away with throughout all of recorded human history and use it as a lesson so some good can come from it.”If you wanna play the historical blame game, the Muslims started the first Slave trade, black tribes sold the other black tribes to the Dutch whom they conquered in battle, a tribe of nomadic Mongolian horse archers destroyed a fractious Chinese realm, the crusades were largely justified, Rhodesia was bringing Africa and its trading partners out of poverty, and “white” or “western” civilization, has largely produced the best outcomes as far as human life expectancy, education, freedoms, and etc.I mean shit, Japan was worshipping a God Emperor and doin a little raping in Nanking, and fuck two bombs later and we got them squared away on body pillows and fine dining.South Korea? Well shit, you guys might prefer the north, but with a little American hegemony look at South Korea go.The only white savior routine that’s mildly overplayed is the Greeks, because the Persians weren’t entirely bad, just expansionistic.It’s always funny when a leftist says they want to move to Canada or the Nordics. moncler jackets toronto

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moncler jackets on sale UX has been around for decades. Before, they just hired graphic designers along with developers; moncler sale outlet but now, everyone home is using React and developers are increasingly responsible for design. I don think it a coincidence that the industry suddenly cares about “UX”, right as developers become designers. moncler jackets on sale

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moncler coats sale My guess is that Colbert and John Olliver generally attracts a young, very politically correct audience that is big about questioning societal norms. So stuff like “why can moncler outlet sale a woman work in construction?” get asked, or “why can women wear clothing men wear?”It makes for a more enlightened and less discriminatory society, but sometimes those peoples can laugh at themselves or certain stereotypes because they feel like they betray their own cause or create setbacks if they do. The inability to laugh at some of the jokes makes for awkward moments like that.What is it with reddit and “Jimmy Fallons fake laughing?” All talk show hosts fake laugh moncler coats sale.